Learn how to highlights your assets with these 5 easy tips
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Learn how to highlights your assets with these 5 easy tips

Learn how to highlights your assets with these 5 easy tips

5 easy tips to enhance your attributes!

If it's truth, portraying an image of confidence and being secure with yourself will always be necessary if you want to be outstanding. But if you need to highlight your strong points to become the best version of you we show you these easy tips.

  1. Having an hourglass figure: Even if you want to hide that love handles you don't like, lift your butt or your breasts. Lowla has the perfect garments for you to have an incredible body figure with just wearing them. Underwear, clothes jeans, bodies or girdles bodyshapers. You can wear them when you want! 
  1. Looking taller: Pieces like jeans or jumpsuits long sleeve are perfect for simulating you have longer legs and using them with a nice bodysuit you'll seem you're a smaller size. Match them with nude high heels that will add extra inches and you're ready!
  1. Learn how to work with your colors: Knowing how to match clothing, make-up and accessories with your skin tone and hair is very important. The idea is to have a harmony between your pallets.
  1. Find a proper exercising routine: Look for the right workout sessions for your body or just go to Youtube and find some tutorials. Besides getting rid of those extra inches, winning muscles or slimming your body you'll release endorphins to feel better.
  1. Look for clothing that makes you feel great: Is not the same thing if you go out to the street wearing pyjamas than always be gorgeous and everyone turn around to see you. Always wear clothing that makes you feel like a queen. Elegant jumpsuits can be perfect for that and you can wear it wherever you want to go.

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